May 312013

google authorization results

1. Search engine results: I am still not sure how much Google Authorship is helping here. I have seen some of my client’s rankings move down after I installed the authorship code. So I am not yet convinced of it’s SEO value at this time.

2. Improving click-through rates (CTR): This is where I believe the value is, I think it will be great at increasing traffic to your website by improving the click-through rates by making them stand out from other search engine results. Once you see a face in Google’s results it really creates a sense of trust and improves the click through rate making them want to visit your website.

3. Branding. If you are trying to push your name as your brand it is a great way to put your face and name out there. If you are trying to emphasise your company name I don’t think Google Authorization helps as much. Even if the visitor doesn’t click on your result, your name and face are right there in front of them. For example, if you search Google for “executive protection florida” you will see result for with Bill Ferrell’s name and picture. If you search for “nyc Bodyguard Services” you will see with David Stone’s name and picture.

google authorization results

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