Add Content To Your Site To Help It In Google

coco therapy dogOne of the most important things you can do for your dog training website to rank better in google is to add a lot of quality, unique content that is related to your industry to it. This is often called blogging. You need to add the material to the website you want to rank well. If you have a blog only site that isn’t your main site, putting the material on that won’t help much to improve your main business website.

There are many technical SEO improvement that can be made to a site to help it in Google, but in most cases having good unique content is more important and more beneficial. It is also something the owner of the business can do with little technical ability. Once you have a website full of good quality content to show Google that you are an authority in your field, there are technical SEO practices that can take you to the next level. But first, get the content on your site. A well optimized 5 page website with all the possible technical SEO done will in most cases not rank as well as a 50 page site with lots of good valuable information and no SEO or Optimization.

The goal of the content should be:

  • Include dog behavior words and phrases that people search for like; my dog jumps, how to spot barking, my dog doesn’t listen, how to get your dog to come to you. Definitely include one of the following phrases that is most applicable. Dog Training, Puppy Training, in addition to other niches that might be offered like Therapy Dog Training, Retriever Training, Protection or Schutzhund Training etc.
  • Locations that you serve, not just where you are located but surrounding suburbs, towns, neighborhoods.
  • Mention Breeds. According to Google, the number one searched for dog training related keyword is “dog training”, makes sense right? Puppy training is often second, next is a variations of obedience dog training or dog obedience training, then breeds are mentioned. German Shepherd Training is one of the first breeds to be mentioned in addition to Pit Bull Training all the way down to Beagle Training.

One of the easiest way to get content on your site is to have someone else write it like a testimonial. The next easiest would be something like FAQ’s where you can actually pick and answer your own questions, or you can answer questions you’ve been asked in the past. The hardest way to add content for most people is to sit down and write an article about your industry, like dog training.

The problem with most testimonial is that they can be very short and for the sake of ranking, more content will in most cases be better.

I usually recommend using the idea of Testimonials but calling the section on your website Success Stories, that way you can either add to the existing short testimonial or you can completely write your own version of an experience with a dog.

The other reason to use the term success stories is because it looks better on your site then the word testimonials. This is more important to conversion .

Here is an example of a Success Story I would use for a Therapy Dog Trainer:

Mr Smith from Margate, FL recently brought his 2 year old German Shepherd to us because he wanted it to be trained to be a Therapy Dog for the Margate, FL Hospital. He said his child was in the hospital recently and a therapy dog visited and his child loved it.

Coco, Mr. Smiths GSD, seemed to be a great candidate for Therapy Dog work. She seemed to love people and have decent obedience abilities. Her only problem was she was nervous around wheelchairs. So we met Coco and Mr. Smith at a local Home Depot and introduced her to shopping carts, flat carts and anything with wheels. They also have large shopping carts to hold children and materials that we used to expose her to new wheeled devices. We slowly got her used to being near carts and chairs with wheels. Here is what Mr. Smith said about his experience with us:

They did amazing things with Coco, now we passed the therapy dog test we look forward to visiting the hospital. I highly recommend them.

Now Mr.Smith can take his new Therapy Dog Coco to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools and other places near Margate, FL.