Who is more scared, the Democrats or the Republicans?

RepublicanPolitics is one of my favorite subjects, ok maybe its not my favorite but it is sure on my mind a lot. Last week I met a guy at a dog event who was shared that he was scared that if the Republicans got into office they would take away a woman’s right to control her own body. I think he more specifically is concerned about a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body in reference to abortion. He was afraid if the republicans get into the office abortion will be illegal and woman will die from having illegal unsafe abortions. He seemed sincerely concerned that women would die from having lost the ability to have a legal abortions. I guess the thought that some of the aborted fetuses are female didn’t bother him.

DemocratsWhile he was sharing his thoughts I was thinking, I’ve heard the same story from the other side, they (republicans or more specifically, conservatives) are scared that the liberal agenda will get stuffed down their throat. Not that I can see these two scenarios unbiasedly, but one thing seems to be shared between the two opposing camps, both are scared and want to be in control and not have anyone else impose their values on them. In this case killing fetuses seems to be a little more offensive than two men or two women NOT having the legal right to be married.