I’m looking for an affordable web site that will place me in all the major search engines

Isn’t this what most small businesses want?

WordPress (wp) is by far one of the best options for building a website inexpensively that does well in Google. Besides doing very well in Google, it offers many important free plug-ins and hundreds of free designs (templates). Another big plus is the many free feature built in to the program. For example, the ability to have many users with different levels of access and control. You can password protect certain pages. One of the most important features is a revision option to let you go back to a previous page or post version if there is a problem. These are just a few of the many reasons why I think it is a valuable program and easy enough for anyone to update and maintain.

To continue on the path to the best return on investment (ROI) I recommend a hosting company that has a simple one button install like fastdomain.com. Fastdomain offers unlimted website hosting on their account for around $80 per year. Each account includes one free domain. Additional sites only cost the price of a domain. Domains should be no more that $10 per year, which can be purchased within the same account.

Use this link http://hosting.fastdomain.com/track/seodoesmatter/CODE47 Use your business name or as get as close as possible for the domain for your main site. You should build other sites and they should be based on keywords and built for lead generation expectations only.

If you need help setting the site up and some Search Engine Optimization consulting, please contact us.