Website Development

I believe it is all about Return on Investment (ROI)

If you want your website to generate leads, you should start with a design that CONVERTS visitors to clients, and that is Optimized to rank well from the beginning.

Flash sites and websites with lots of images don’t do as well in search engines as sites that are primarily text. Most search engines like content made up as text and not images or flash.

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Simple sites with lots of content, good navigation and proper coding, along with links from other good related sites helps get a site ranked well in search engines. Look at some of our security, bodyguard and executive protection clients

If you have a custom website design done be sure the designer is aware of and implements the latests CONVERSION, search engine optimization and internet marketing technics. If you plan on your site doing well in search engines it needs to be designed with that goal in mind. A custom designed website can cost between $1,000 – $10,000.

Another choice is to pick a template from a major template designer (like that I can customize and optimize it for you. Many templates can cost less than $100. My cost will depend on how much time it takes to modify the design with your personal information.

Besides search engine optimization, another specialty of mine is inexpensive website development. I have ways to make multiple sites for a reasonable cost that do well in search engines like Google. Having a site on the first page of google is good, having many sites on the first page of google is much better. It isn’t easy, Google’s goal is to serve up good valuable content for their visitors so they don’t want duplicate sites in their results. This is a challenge that can offer great rewards.

If you want your website to make money for you by generating leads it should be designed and built with that in mind. I primarily use WordPress because of its success in Google and the ability to customize it.