California Motorcycle Trip

I took my 1996 BMW R1100RT to California and back. Straight flat highways wasn’t this bike’s best point. It was more into back roads, curves and hills. Once I made it to Denver, it was great! I made it through Estes National Park, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. There isn’t any flat parking places in the park. Every time I stopped, I was out of breath from the altitude and nervous about the bike going down when I put the kick stand down. Once through the park I was on my way down through Utah, and that was the most incredible scenery ever! I’m from the east coast and it’s all about the same. Green and rolling hills. South Florida is the only flat land on the east coast. Utah was, well, it’s hard to explain. I took a few pictures. (I regret not taking more.) Continuing, I went on through Utah and down to Las Vegas where I spent some time with a couple on another RT I met along the way. I also went to the Start Trek Experience!

Once back Westbound, I met some guys on Gold Wings and rode with them to Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and we all stayed near San Luis Obispo. Then I went onto San Francisco, went inland down to Anaheim and stayed a few days. I went to some of the Calvary Chapels, including Chuck Smiths in Costa Mesa and the Crystal Cathedral, Venice Beach and a party in Santa Monica. Then I went to San Diego for a few days. I stayed in Pacific Beach and visited San Diego Calvary Chapel and the zoo. A few days later I headed back east. I stayed farther south this time and enjoyed a couple beautiful areas of the South East part of the country!!