Getting Indexed in Google

One of the hardest parts about doing internet marketing and search engine optimization is getting pages indexed in Google. In some cases, this just does not happen. I am not sure why, but there must be something Google does not like about the page. Now if your entire sites isn’t indexed (I know what that is like) that is another mystery altogether. What I am talking about is one or more pages not indexed. Right now, I am working on a exchanging personal injury links and trying to get a new page indexed to facilitate the link exchange. The link page is on a personal injury site and I have done some exchanges that are on hold until my new page is indexed. Perhaps I should have placed the links on an older indexed page.

What I typically do is to build the pages way a head of when they will be needed. That way by the time I get to them, they are indexed. Linking can be one of the most beneficial elements of improving your ranking in Google. One of the better methods I have found is to place an rss feed of your site, or the page in question into Feedage is an RSS directory and Google crawls it many time and hour. Therefore, if you have feeds lists in their directory they should end up coming to your site. If you use wordpress or any program that generates an rss feed automatically it makes this process much easier. If you are not using wordpress, Feedage has an “html to rss” tool that will convert a page to an rss feed which then you can submit.