Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is really about one thing and that is getting leads. It does not matter if you are offering people a relationship with God, selling or offering a product or trying to collect contact information for a database. It is all the same, getting ranked well in search engines and turning that into a conversion!

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Good search engine optimization has to be successful at both getting ranked in the top of Google and other search engines, and conversions. If your site is on the first page of Google for your targeted keyword that’s great, but now you have to get them to click on the link to your site, then they have to call or email you. That’s the conversion.

Google offers a webmaster tool which shows your conversion. It shows the phrases that list your site on Google and it has another list that shows the keywords / phrase that was used to click to your site. Yahoo and Msn also offers webmaster tools that help with seo.

SEO Tips:

1) One of the basics that Google likes is pages added on a regular basis. This is why blogs are so popular. They make it very easy to add content to your website. It shows that the site is updated and fresh. It also encourages the Google bots to return to the page more often and that will help get the site higher in the ranking.

2) Google likes one phrase or keyword per page. It actually counts and adds all the words and determines what the most repeated word on the page is. If you use too many different keywords it dilutes the page and it might not do as well.

3) Google likes links, so if you have 2 or more pages that use the same keywords those pages should link to each other. You can do it with similar subjects also.

4) One of the most important things to do to for a site to rank well is to have the keyword (s) in the meta title tag. The words in the title tag are seen in the blue stripe across the top of a browser or in the tabs of the browser. The meta title words are also what Google shows in their search results.

Example: search for “Funny Police Quotes” in Google one of the top sites should be  look at that site and you will see in the top blue part of the browser (if you use IE) the words “funny police Quotes” That is the meta title tag.

Example: Search for “bodyguard training school” in Google and click on   Notice the phrase “Bodyguard Training” throughout the page.