What Happens When Democrats Are Lawyers

While many may not have considered this, it is interesting that the Democrat Party seems to have become the Lawyers’ Party. While the United States is home to five per cent of the world’s population, it has sixty-six per cent of the world’s lawyers. Perhaps, more lawyers with more power is the last thing the American nation is in need of.

Democrats are Lawyers

The list of Democrats who are lawyers includes Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, etc. In addition, since 1984, every Democrat nominee went to law school, although Al Gore did not graduate. This also includes the Democrat vice president nominees as since 1976, with the exception of Lloyd Bentsen, all attended law school. Furthermore, look at the leaders of the Democrat Party in congress; Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are both lawyers.

The Republican Party

The Republican Party members come from a variety of occupational backgrounds. President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were both businessmen. The leader of the Republican Revolution was Newt Gingrich, a History professor. Tom DeLay was an exterminator, and Dick Armey was an economist. House minority leader, John Boehner, was a plastics manufacturer, and Bill Frist, the former senate majority leader, is a heart surgeon. The last Republican president who was a lawyer was Gerald Ford and that was 31 years ago; he was also not elected, but appointed. The Republican Party consists of real individuals doing real work.

The Democrat Party is the Lawyers’ Party

What happens when Democrats are lawyers is that the Party consists of, and is bankrolled by, lawyers. Men like Cheney and Bush are mocked by lawyers who dislike men capable of creating great wealth. These lawyers also disrespect those whose work heals the sick, like Frist, or those who appreciate history, like Gingrich.

The Democrat Party Opposes Essential Services

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have railed against those who provide many essential services: pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, manufacturers, fast food restaurant chains, hospitals, retail businesses, bankers, and virtually anyone producing valuable goods and creating jobs.

Through the Eyes of Lawyers

The Democratic tendency to undervalue people of productivity is a result of viewing life through the eyes of the law. As lawyers solve conflicts by representing their clients, in this case, the clients are the American people. Lawyers strive to pass new laws and win lawsuits. They pressure appellate courts to overturn precedent and find loopholes in the language of the law to suit their needs.

Why Lawyers do not Make Good Leaders

Lawyers have their place within the legal system, but not in the governance of a great nation. When Democrats are lawyers, they view constituents as clients and opposing parties. As a result, some Americans are viewed as adverse parties within the government. This is unfair as the American people are much more than litigants in a massive class action suit. The American constituents are citizens of a republic that boasts protection from laws, courts and lawyers.

Lawyers Have a Place in American Society

Currently, the American people are drowning in laws and judicial bureaucracy. Areas of life that were once private now fall into the domain of omnipresent lawyers.

America does have a place for the law and lawyers, but that place should be one of moderation with established checks and balances. When the most pivotal decision of the next president is who to appoint to the Supreme Court, the lines between law and government have become blurred.

When Criminal Prosecution is a Political Decision

When lawyers use criminal prosecution as an extension of politics, the time where lawyers have too much power has been reached, such as in the case of Scooter Libby and Tom DeLay. When house Democrats sue Americans in order to hamper their ability to decipher the plans of their enemies, the role of litigation becomes suffocating.

The Democrat Party and Change

When the Democrats are lawyers, the hope for real change and reform in America is diminished. Most Americans are aware that a republic in which important government actions have to be approved by nine unelected judges does not support George Washington’s 1789 vision. Many Americans are also aware that fighting a war while ACLU lawsuits impede our defenders is a lost cause. The general consensus is that the growing presence of judges and lawyers will do more harm than good when it comes to restoring social values and sparking the economy’s spirit of enterprise.

Tort Reform Legislation in America

In the last several years, Tort Reform legislation has been introduced in congress several times. This has been done in an attempt to limit punitive damages in laughable lawsuits such as individuals suing coffee shops after spilling hot coffee on themselves. It is also used to limit punitive damages in large medical malpractice suits. The Democrat Party has repeatedly blocked this legislation from even being voted on. With ninety-seven percent of the American Trial Lawyers Association’s political contributions going to the Democrat Party, it seems clear who is responsible for the high cost of goods and services like medical care.

Ultimately, Americans need to acknowledge that change will not reach the nation through lawyers, but through the American dream of accomplishment through hard work.