End Times – The anti-christ pg1

The Coming anti-christ…..

As soon as the church is raptured things make way for the AntiChrist. The one the bible calls ‘the lawless one’. The son of satan will appear upon the stage of the world but this appearance is going to be gradual. The AntiChrist is a great deceiver. His Deception will finally lead him to have control over the whole world. The bible says this times will be by far the worst the world had ever known. This great Tribulation period will fulfill the prophecy that had been foretold by the prophet Daniel! The AntiChrist is full human, who has ‘paid his dues’ in the military and the political sense and many will willingly follow him. He is evil personified and some even call him the ‘son of satan’, but he is pure man who only later joins hands with Satan himself. In Daniel 8:25 it says that this peace ‘shall destroy many’, but will be destroyed by the prince of princes, Jesus himself. This man will come from a country or a confederation of the old roman empire or the Europenian (European) Union.

As we now see in this area there is great suffering. Millions have already died in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia and it is still going on unresolved. The AntiChrist will defeat and merge three kingdoms and bring peace to that area. This would be a modern-day miracle as anyone who would bring peace to that area is indeed a man of peace. He will guarantee peace for Israel and the whole Middle East and he will sign a seven year peace treaty. This inaugurates the 7 yr Tribulation period! But as we’ll see the AntiChrist breaks this treaty in just only 3 1/2 yrs (Dan9:27). His peace is a just a temporary hypnosis. (Read Daniel 12:11-12 for the time calculations) Israel now desperate for peace, and because of the AntiChrist’s worldwide influence entrusts her security to him. This is unbelievable now because Israel has a long history of distrust to outsiders. Israel had never before depended upon anyone else for it’s national safety! This treaty happening shows the AntiChrist’s great influence over the years to come. There will be a change in attitude in Israel! In fact so great will Israel have confidence in the protection of the AntiChrist that when they are attacked by the kings of the North and South (just after the three year break of the tribulation) they will be described as a ‘land of un walled villages…a peaceful people who dwell safely with no walls and having no bars nor gates” (Ezek 38:11). Now at this moment their security is top priority: soldiers, machine guns, tanks, walls and wired perimeters throughout. But God’s word says this will change. Israel 3yrs after the Rapture, will have already freely surrendered her security to the AntiChrist and his protection. We are told that the AntiChrist seizes the Holy Temple and stops the sacrifices of the Jews. In ( 2 Thess. 2:4) it says the Antichrist seized the holy temple and sets himself up. In ( Dan. 9:27) it says in the middle of the 7yr he will put an end to sacrifice. How could he have done this if there weren’t already a temple built? This tells us that the Jews had undoubtedly built their holy temple in Jerusalem and had like once before, started performing their sacrifices. The AntiChrist comes, seizes their temple and stops further sacrifices. Going a bit further back, as the Jews build this holy temple just like it was back then in the old testament times it will sure constitute a problem.

As for the place the Bible decrees for the location of the temple, is currently occupied by the Dome of The Rock. This is located on Mount Mariah which is now the the 3rd holiest place in the world for Muslims. If you doubt that the Jewish people would ever attempt something so audious, ask any Jew today. Some Jewish people are already planning for it, working to make the preparations for it’s construction of the 3rd temple (the 1st was Solomon’s, the 2nd Herod’s). One of the organizations working for this is called Temple Foundations. But this great destruction of Islam’s sacred place will lead to the prophecy predicted by Ezekiel (read Ezekiel 38 & 39) and by Daniel (read Daniel 11). While Israel is enjoying a time of peace, the king of the North will lead the Islamic nations led by the king of the South against Israel.

Looking at the descriptions of Ezekiel, this King of the North is in some general area of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and at least some of the Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union. Here don’t count Russia out as in Ezekiel 38 & 39 there are tantalizing references to “Gog, of the land of Magog who will come out from a place out the far north and march against Israel” (Ezek. 38:15).